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Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong

Being surrounded by the sea, Hong Kong is in fact a wonderful place for enjoying watersports. Windsurfing is one of the sports seeking dramatic growth in Hong Kong. It is a sport of fun and enjoyment. As long as you've successfully completed the elementary training course, you're able to do windsurfing on your own. You can enjoy freedom when gliding on the surface of water and get connect to the wildlife.
Windsurfing sport was introduced into Hong Kong in late 1970's, with Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong (WAHK) was formed in 1979. The Association aims to promote the sport of windsurfing and organize all levels of training and competition in Hong Kong.
WAHK had made considerable strides in recent years on the competitive, development and administrative fronts. With the tremendous performance and progress made in the past few years, windsurfing was one of the first batch of sports granted target sport status by the Hong Kong Sports Development Board in 1991. WAHK has also been able to maintain its target sport status for another 4 years from 1995 to 1999. This is a confident vote for the sport.
The spectacular performance of the Hong Kong windsurfing athletes have achieved international successes and recognitions. Their achievements have attracted more and more people to participate in windsurfing training or racing programs in recent years.


Hong Kong Circuit

Notice of Race - Haitong International 2018 Hong Kong Windsurfing Circuit


Summer Course

2018 Junior Windsurfing Promotion Scheme


Joint Schools Windsurfing Championships

2018 Joint Schools Training Competition (1)


Fleet News

Stanley - Notice Updated(5/5/2016)
Fleet Captain : Mr. Panda Ma Fleet Secretary : Ms. Joan Chau