Windsufing Association of
Hong Kong, China

Windsurfing Association Of Hong Kong, China

Being surrounded by the sea, Hong Kong enjoys a curved and extended coastline with a pleasant subtropical climate, and these innate advantages provide a perfect environment for windsurfing. The city has both sheltered bays and rough open waters, no matter if you are a beginner or an enthusiast, there is always a place nearby for you to enjoy windsurfing. The mild weather further allows windsurfing to be practised year-round, and this activity has become one of the fastest-growing and most popular water sports in Hong Kong. After completing a basic course and mastering the fundamental skills, you will be able to enjoy free and unrestrained fun gliding on the surface of the water while revelling in endless excitement and pleasure. Windsurfing was first introduced to Hong Kong in the 1970s, the Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong (WAHK) was established in 1979, with the mission to promote, organise and coordinate the development of windsurfing in Hong Kong.

WAHK organises all levels of training programs, local competitions and international championships, alongside assessments for the professional qualifications of windsurfing instructors on a regular basis. We also provide step-by-step training on race management; certification for centers and schools that offer windsurfing courses; as well as the selection of outstanding athletes to represent Hong Kong in international events.

WAHK has made considerable strides in recent years on the planning and development fronts, local athletes have repeatedly achieved tremendous performance and progress in international windsurfing competitions while triumphing glory for the local sports arena. It also serves the initial founding motives of WAHK – to cultivate and nourish potential athletes to take part in international competitions, and to promote windsurfing to the general public of Hong Kong. With the support of all sectors of society and the active participation from the local community, especially teenagers and youngsters, this sport thrives on a dual-track pursuing popularisation together with elitism.

Background & History

Following a Special Resolution passed at the General Meeting on 3rd May 2023, and the certification issued by the Companies Registry, the English name of “Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong” had been changed to “Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong, China”, and the Chinese name had been changed as “中國香港滑浪風帆會”.


Hong Kong team achieved good results in the overseas competitions. In the Asian Sailing Championships held in Abu Dhabi in March, our members acquired 4 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze in the men’s and women’s iQFOiL and RS:X. Cheng Ching Yin, Cheng Chun Leung Michael, Ma Kwan Ching and Ngai Wai Yan, crowned the championships in each divison.

Au Ling Yeung achieved the bronze medal in the iQFOiL International Competition which held in Andalusia, Spain. At the same time, he also obtained the gold medal in the U21 division and became the first medalist of the Hong Kong athletes who competed in the iQFOiL European Championship.

In the iQFOiL World Championships which held in France in October, Cheng Ching Ying finished 49th in the men’s division, ranking first in Asia. Ma Kwan Ching ranked 21st in the women’s division, setting her best record after iQFOiL became an official event in the World Championships. After completing the World Championships, Ma Kwan Ching participated in the PWA World Professional Tour in Japan, she finished the event in sixth and became the first local female windsurfing athlete to compete in a professional competition.

“Haitong International 2022 iQFOiL Asian Windsurfing Championships and Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships” has been held in Stanley Main Beach in December , which was the first iQFOiL continental event held in Asia. Hong Kong team crowned in total 8 adult and youth division of the champions. An exhibition race has been be held in Victoria Harbor again after 2021.

The first local Wingfoil championships had been started in May, which would like to promote the development of this emerging equipment. The GWA Windsurfing Qualifying Series has been held before the iQFOiL Asian Windsurfing Championships.


The Tokyo Olympics was held in July 2021 after rescheduling due to the pandemic situation.Cheung Chun Leung Michael and  Harley Victoria Chan, ranked 13th and 8th in the men’s and women’s RS:X division respectively.

The “Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships” took place in Stanley Main Beach in December 2021 after 2 years suspension , coupled up with a unprecedented windsurfing night race which held in the Victoria Harbour.

Under the anti-epidemic measures, 5 tours of the Hong Kong Windsurfing Circuit, 1 “Joint School Windsurfing Competition” and 1 “Youth Windsurfing Competition” have been held in 2021, which included more than 50 competitions and 800 participants.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics which was scheduled to take place in August postponed to the summer of 2021. The admission qualifications for RS:X Men and Women which were granted earlier are not affected.

Two local events initially scheduled to be held in the spring, the 63rd Festival of Sport – Windsurfing Competition and Youth Windsurfing Competition were cancelled, and several Championships of the Haitong International HKG Circuit and 2020 Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships had to be postponed.

We added a new Instagram channel to provide more diversified information in a relaxed and interesting way. These include athletes interviews, moments of life during overseas training, introduction to new equipment and much more, so as to share windsurfing-related knowledge and tough stories behind our athletes.

Affected by the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, the Haitong International 2019 Hong Kong Windsurfing Open Championship was forced to cancel.

World Sailing decided to adopt iQFOiL as the windsurfing racing equipment for the 2024 Paris Olympics after voting. The Hong Kong Team immediately switched and competed with the new equipment in local competitions.

President Cowen Chiu resigned and was replaced by Chau Ngai-man. Vice President Chik Kai-chung James resigned and was succeeded by So Sum-yau Anson. Chik Wai-on Edward served as the Honorary Secretary and Fung Hok-ming as the Honorary Treasurer.

Cheng Chun-leung Michael, Ma Kwan-ching and Kikabhoy Rafeek were awarded the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service.

Hayley Victoria Chan and Cheng Chun-leung Michael each captured a silver medal in the RS:X division of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. Ma Kwan-ching and Kikabhoy Rafeek also won the silver medal in the RS:One Mixed division.

Starting from July First, we officially transferred from an Associate Member of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China to an Ordinary Member.

Haitong International Securities Group Co., Ltd. sponsored our competitions for a period of five years.

In July, Acting Head Coach Chan King-yin formally became the Head Coach.

Cheng Chun-leung Michael finished eighth in the Rio Olympics and ranked first among all Asian athletes. At the age of thirteen, Mak Cheuk-wing won the Techno 293 World Championship and caught extensive media coverage.

President Cowen Chiu, MH, was awarded the Medal of Honor by the SAR Government.


Head Coach René Appel formally retired in June, and Chan King-yin served as the Acting Head Coach.

Hayley Victoria Chan, MH, and Cheng Kwok-fai, MH, were awarded the Medal of Honor by the SAR Government. Lo Sin-lam and Leung Ho-tsun were awarded the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service.

Honorary Treasurer Law Chun-ying (羅俊英) resigned and was succeeded by Chau Ngai Man.

Hayley Victoria Chan and Cheng Kwok-fai acquired gold medals in the Women’s RS:X and Men’s Mistral division respectively at the Incheon Asian Games, while Lo Sin-lam and Leung Ho-tsun also gain a silver medal in the Women’s RS:ONE and Men’s RS:X division respectively.

Following 1995, 2000 and 2006, we hosted the Asian Windsurfing Championships for the fourth time. The event was successfully held at Stanley Main Beach in November.

Stanley Main Beach Water Sports Centre and Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department provide facilities and venues as training bases for our Windsurfing Development Squads.

Starting from April, we published the newsletter online instead of by post, and our Facebook page officially launched in December.

The Race Official Sub-Committee designed and launched a Training Program for Race Officers and volunteers, intending to train more experienced Race Officers and officials to provide professional support that fulfils international standards. Instructor Chau Hung-ying completed the assessment and became the first Race Officer appointed by the Program.

In October, we were invited to send several Race Officials to Penghu, Taiwan to take up major positions in the 2012 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championships. Among them, President Cowen Chiu served as a member of the Jury Panel, Vice President Chik Kai-chung James served as the Chief Measurement Officer, and Senior Sports Officer Lam Yick-leung served as the Director of the event.

The Stanley Clubhouse has added twelve wide board racks and twenty-six sail cages to accommodate members with more storage space for equipment.

Hayley Victoria Chan was awarded the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service.

Honorary Treasurer Leung Kai-yee (梁啟儀) retired and was succeeded by Law Chun-ying (羅俊英).

In the Guangzhou Asian Games, Chan King-yin obtained the gold medal of the Men’s Mistral division by finishing first in the last three races, while Chan Wai-kei and Hayley Victoria Chan each gained a silver medal in the Women’s RS:X and Women’s Mistral division.

Hayley Victoria Chan captured gold medals in both the Youth Sailing World Championships and the RS:X Youth European Championships, setting the best results for the Windsurfing Women’s Youth Team in overseas competitions. With the outstanding performance in competitions, she was selected as one of the torchbearers for the 2009 East Asian Games opening ceremony.

Hong Kong hosted the Fifth East Asian Games. Windsurfing is one of the twenty-three events and was newly added to the East Asian Games.

Chan Wai-kei, Leung Ho-tsun and Cheng Kwok-fai triumphed in the championship Women’s RS:X, Men’s Mistral heavy and the Men’s Mistral light division respectively. At the same time, Hayley Victoria Chan and Ma Yik-kau won the second runner-up in Women’s RS:X and Men’s Mistral light division respectively. Besides, Chan King-yin and Tang Kang-to got the third runner-up in the Men’s RS:X and Men’s Mistral heavy division respectively.

As of the first day of the Beijing Olympics (August 8, 2008), the Athlete Fund has raised approximately HK$160,000.

Chan King-yin won sixth place in the Beijing Olympics, breaking the record of the Hong Kong Team in men’s windsurfing in the Olympics. Chan also ranked first among all Asian athletes.

To coordinate the needs of race management personnel and prepare for the first East Asian Games held in Hong Kong next year, we re-launched the Race Officer Training Course after ten years. Through five days of strict assessments, ten members were appointed as Race Officers.

The direct strike of Typhoon Hagupit caused severe damage to the Stanley Clubhouse, damaging twenty Mistral Boards, four JP boards, six board racks and two iron cages. It took us five days to clean up the site.

We got a donation of HK$50,000 from Mr. Ho Hau-hei (何厚熹) as a starting capital to set up an Athlete Fund, to encourage windsurfing athletes in achieving better results and help retired athletes for a brighter future. President Cowen Chiu also promised to promote the Fund by donating the same amount whenever a member gives.

Chan King-yin, MH, was awarded the Medal of Honor by the SAR Government.

At the Doha Asian Games, Chan King-yin won the gold medal in the Men’s Mistral light division with nine matches won. Chan later obtained two gold medals in the Asian Windsurfing Championships and the Asian Sailing Championships as well.

Ho Chi-ho acquired the silver medal in the Men’s Mistral heavy division at the Doha Asian Games and a gold medal in the Asian Windsurfing Championships.

Chan Wai-kei gained the silver medal in the Women’s Mistral division at the Doha Asian Games.

We successfully attained the recognition of the International RS:X Olympic Windsurfing Class Association and hosted the first event of this category in Asia. The RS:X Board was also selected as the sole racing equipment for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the same year, FedEx sponsored us to host the FedEx 2006 RS:X Asian Windsurfing Championship cum Hong Kong Windsurfing Open Championship.

In March, we sent several members to Doha to serve as Race Officials for the Asian Sailing Championships, and they were also invited to serve as Race Officials for the Doha Asian Games held later in December.

Lee Lai-shan, Chan Wai-kei, Ho Chi-ho, Chan King-yin and Cheng Kwok-fai won two golds, two silvers and one bronze in the Melbourne Sailing Championships.

The third Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Windsurfing Circuit was smoothly held in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We also successfully assisted the Shenzhen Windsurfing Team in organising the Shenzhen Open Windsurfing Championships.

The Lands Department authorised us to expand the managing area of the Windsurfing Training Base and Clubhouse in Stanley. This enables the Base to provide more facilities and equipment storage for members and athletes.

Lee Lai-shan finished fourth in the Athens Olympics.

The second Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Windsurfing Circuit was smoothly held respectively in Shantou in August, Hong Kong in October and Macau in December.

We also successfully assisted Associação de Vela de Macau (Macau Sailing Association) to organise a windsurfing championship in celebration of the anniversary of the handover.

We actively promote the Joint School Training (JST) Program, which is coordinated and funded by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and co-organised by the Education and Manpower Bureau, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. The JST program hopes to promote windsurfing to students in primary, secondary and even special schools around Hong Kong, so that they can engage in systematic windsurfing training during spare time.

The Hong Kong Team which had set off to Europe early in February in preparation for the competition were forced to stay there for training due to the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, and finally returned home after more than five months.

Yu Wing-ho secured the gold medal of the Youth Sailing World Championships with a narrow victory in the final race. Hong Kong athletes once again won the World Championships, and the results are encouraging.

The first Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Windsurfing Circuit was successfully held in Shenzhen, Shantou and Hong Kong.

Lee Lai-shan, BBS, MBE, MH, was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the SAR Government.

Lee Lai-shan won a total of four gold medals at the Busan Asian Games, Asian Windsurfing Championships, Dutch Sailing Championships and German Sailing Week respectively.

Chan King-yin also won a bronze medal in the Asian Games.

Chan Wai-man won third place in the Youth Sailing World Championships.

Head coach René Appel was selected as the Coach of the Year for the Coaching Awards.

The roof cover of the Stanley Clubhouse was completed at the end of November, and members’ equipment is no longer exposed to the sun and rain.

Cheng Kwok-fai won third place in the Youth Sailing World Championships.

Chan King-yin won the Windsurfing Youth World Championships and became the second Hong Kong athlete to win the title after Ho Chi-ho in 1999.

Wong Wai-kwan (王維君) retired as President, and Cowen Chiu took over.

Lee Lai-shan finished sixth in the Sydney Olympics.

Chan King-yin won third place in the Youth Sailing World Championships.

Led by coach Lisa Neuburger, Ho Chi-ho participated in the Windsurfing Youth World Championships held in Finland. With a firm will and stable results, he completed a total of eleven races and successfully ascended to the throne of the World Championships.

Head coach, René Appel, was awarded the Medal of Honor by the SAR Government.

Vice President Lam Wing-chung (林永聰) retired, and Chau Wai-leung (周偉良) succeeded.

After more than a month of intensive pre-match training and preparation, the Hong Kong Windsurfing Team returned triumphantly from the Asian Games held in Thailand. Lee Lai-shan finally got her wish by winning the first Asian Games gold medal. Wong Tak-sum Sam also tried his best and secured the silver medal from the hands of all competitors.

As the number of teenagers practising windsurfing grew, the ZEST Windsurfing Youth Training Fund sponsor local windsurfing youth training programs beginning this year, including the purchasing of equipment, organising training camps and competitions and providing funds for the Youth Team to compete overseas.

Lee Lai-shan won the gold medal in the Women’s Olympic Board Class of the World Windsurfing Championships in Perth, Australia. This is her second World Champion title since the 1993 World Windsurfing Championships in Japan. Lee is also the first Asian athlete to win the world championship twice.

Lee Lai-shan was honoured as the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II.

The gold medal dream of the former President, Dr. Chan Chi-ming, came true. Lee Lai-shan won the first Olympic medal at the Atlanta Olympics. It is also the first gold medal in Hong Kong’s history, and Lee was dubbed the “Queen of Wind”.

ZEST sponsored the development of the Hong Kong Team for four years. We established a Shortboard Committee for the promotion of shortboards. We were also fortunate to be invited by the Hong Kong Olympic Committee as an observing member. The Asian Sailing Federation agreed to establish an Asian Windsurfing Committee to promote the Asian Circuit and rankings, and we served as the chairman of the Committee.

Treasurer Fung Pui-yan (馮佩茵) was taken over by Leung Kai-yee (梁啟儀).

We were again selected as a Focus Sports for four years of targeted development.

Mobil withdrew its sponsorship, but with the strong support of the Sports Development Board and the Regional Council, we held the Asia Pacific Windsurfing Championship in Cheung Chau. As we bid to host the 1998 World Championship, the International Sailing Federation and the International Olympic Board Committee sent representatives to observe the competition and were left with deep impressions by our ability in race organisation and management.

Treasurer Leung Man-yee (梁敏兒) retired, and Fung Pui-yan (馮佩茵) took over. She was the first woman to join the Executive Committee.

The Hong Kong Team continued to develop, with Lee Lai-shan leading the team. However, at the Asian Games, she was defeated by Li Ke from China, while Wong Tak-sum Sam was defeated by Qian Hong from China as well, both had only the silver medal. René Appel won the Best Coach Award and the Coach of the Year Award.

We moved our office into the Sports House (now known as the Olympic House). Lam Wing-chung (林永聰) was appointed as the newly established Vice President, and Leung Man-yee (梁敏兒) as the Treasurer.

With the participation of the Urban Council and the Regional Council, we expanded the Youth Training Program and increased the number of trainees to one thousand while organising the Youth Championships. The Youth Team was also established, members are equipped with the ability to participate in the Hong Kong Circuit and Hong Kong Open after one year of training. Lee Lai-shan won the Asian Championships alongside the World Championships, and rose to first place in the world ranking.

With the participation of the Urban Council and the Regional Council, we expanded the Youth Training Program and increased the number of trainees to one thousand while organising the Youth Championships. The Development Squad was also established, members are equipped with the ability to participate in the Hong Kong Circuit and Hong Kong Open after one year of training.

Lee Lai-shan won the Asian Championships alongside the World Championships and rose to first place in the world ranking.

At the same time, an instructor development program was launched, the Hong Kong Coaching Committee recognises the three-stage training certificate course.

To cope with the busy administrative affairs, full-time salaried staff increased to six, including a Director, a Senior Sports Officer, a Sports Officer, a Coaching Officer and two Administrative Assistants. Treasurer Wong Tin-cho (黃天造) retired and was succeeded by Lam Wing-chung (林永聰).

We accepted the advice from Head Coach René Appel on the youth development plan, to select and promote teenagers with potential in becoming members of the Hong Kong Team through a complete and systematic training program. We co-organized the “School Development Project” with the Department of Education to provide training for two hundred students aged between fourteen to eighteen during the summer vacation and selected talented ones for in-depth training.

We held the first Hong Kong and Macau Windsurfing Race with fifteen masters racing from Hong Kong to Macau. Lee Lai-shan won the championship, the board speed of Lee was so fast that the yacht following her burnt an internal combustion engine due to overheating.

Women’s windsurfing was added to the Olympic Games. Lee Lai-shan ranked 11th, and Wong Tak-sum Sam ranked 20th in the Men’s event.

The newsletter is published with a coloured cover. Wong Wai-kwan (王維君) continued to serve as the President, Secretary Chik Kai-chung James and Treasurer Wong Tin-cho were also re-elected (黃天造).

We established the new Tuen Mun Fleet and now with a total of six fleets. Windsurfing was chosen as a Focus Sports and was promoted for four years. Mobil Petroleum Co., Ltd. had also become our new sponsor for three years. Mobil sponsored two important events, namely the Hong Kong Open and the Hong Kong Circuit with six championships. The Circuit takes place at the base of each team, and the results of each championship will be counted in for the local ranking.

Wong Tak-sum Sam and Lee Lai-shan won the Asian Championships.

Treasurer Lee Keng-po (李鏡波) retired and was succeeded by Wong Tin-cho (黃天造).

Dr. Chan Chi-ming (陳智明) dreamed of a gold medal. Under his strong recommendation, we hired René Appel to coach Wong Tak-sum Sam, Wong Hap-hei Ken and Lee Lai-shan in Europe from April to July, and participated in several major competitions. The decision to train overseas laid the foundation for the Hong Kong Team to triumph a gold medal in the Olympics in the future, and the results from those competitions were also encouraging. In September, Lee Lai-shan won a silver medal in the Asian Games, and Wong Tak-sum Sam finished fourth.

The Windsurfing Logbook was printed and published to provide trainees with a centralised and systematic sailing record. Under our active promotion, the number of members increased to almost eight-hundred.

Although we lost our major sponsor, with the support of the Urban Council and the Regional Council, we still held the Hong Kong Open successfully. Wong Tak-sum Sam achieved outstanding results and won the championship with a prize of ten thousand dollars, while Lee Lai-shan won the women’s championship. We also participated in the “Million Voyage” charity competition held at the Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront.

Dr. Chan Chi-ming (陳智明) retired as the former President, Wong Wai-kwan (王維君) succeeded. Chik Kai-chung James joined the executive committee as Secretary.

We established the new Shek O Fleet to provide members with more competition facilities, as well as increasing the Association’s reputation while promoting windsurfing.

We have designed a complete training program for the general public in Hong Kong who are interested in windsurfing and provide a progressive training system based on the interests and abilities of students. At the same time, the accreditation of windsurfing schools was also launched to guide schools to hold training courses safely and professionally. Besides, we have co-organized instructor training courses with the Regional Council and cooperated with the Education Department and the Urban Council to provide teenagers with windsurfing training at low cost.

Dr. Chan Chi-ming (陳智明) took over as the President, and Wong Sai-ning (黃世寧) became the ex-President. This new position can facilitate a smooth handover of administrative affairs and provides additional workforce. Wong Wai-kwan (王維君) and Lee Keng-po (李鏡波) served as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. The executive management of the Association has entered a new era of professionalism.

After nine years of continuous efforts, the Stanley Clubhouse was finally built with the efforts of the Clubhouse Construction Committee alongside the generous donations from the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Recreation and Sports Bureau. It is a new milestone for WAHK and the sport of windsurfing in Hong Kong. The newly constructed Clubhouse provides a better venue and more facilities for us to carry out various training programs and competition events.

KENT Windsurfing Championships cum Hong Kong Open Windsurfing Championships moved from Stanley to Cheung Chau. For the first time, a D-Class event was held with a total of forty-five racers. The plan to build the Stanley Clubhouse has been finalised.

Wong Sai-ning (黃世寧) took over as the President and continued to have Wong Chik-wing (黃植榮) as Secretary and Chik Kai-chung James as Treasurer.

Chan Kai-on (陳繼安) won the bronze medal in the windsurfing event during The Commonwealth Games, which once again attracted the attention of the media and the public on windsurfing. Due to the inadequate response of overseas teams on the race invitation, we relaxed the size limit for Level-one board (flat bottom) and allowed the use of full-batten sails. To cope with the trend and popularity of shortboards, we set up the new D-Class competition where the size of boards is not restricted.

Wong Chak-on (黃澤安) took over as President, Wong Chik-wing (黃植榮) as Secretary and Chik Kai-chung James as Treasurer.

Teams from China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong participated in the KENT Cup. The Race Committee found that the equipment used by seventeen racers, from China and Thailand, did not comply with the regulations of Level-two board Class. As a result, Measurer Yeung Wing-on (楊永安), Beach Master Wu Ka-keung (胡家強), and President of the Race Committee Wong Chak-on (黃澤安) had to work around the clock to make the board measurement models.

The Race Committee received the first protest at 3:30 am. The competition had to be suspended for two days to spare sufficient time to measure all racing equipment. At the same time, a marathon-style protest hearing was held. Presided over by Bertrand de Speville and lasted six hours from 8 pm to 2 am, fourteen competitors were disqualified as a result. In this year’s event, the Thai team beat the Chinese team narrowly, with the Singapore team winning third place. The Hong Kong Team ranked fifth.

Regarding administrative affairs, it was difficult to decide on the classification of the Tornado Class. Tam Chin-kun (譚千根) took over as the President, Hartwig Holtz resigned as Secretary and Treasurer shortly and was took over by Jonathan Forrestal and Wong Chik-wing (黃植榮).

The Olympic Games took place in Los Angeles, Choi Lei-keung (蔡利強) represented Hong Kong in windsurfing and finished ranking thirty-second. All overseas strong contingents, except Japan, returned to compete for the KENT Gold Cup held this year. The Thai team became the champion, and the Chinese team came second. The most notable thing about this event was that there were a total of thirty-two protests recorded, and Bertie de Speville took an average of ninety minutes to handle each case. Olympic gold medalist Stefan Van Den Berg from the Netherlands also participated in the competition, Choi Lei-keung (蔡利強) well-performed and won the individual championship as he met again with the Olympic medalist, which was a fightback for the Olympic defeat.

The number of members broke the six-hundred mark, and the Level-two board event was held for the first time. Andrew Hunter took over as President, and Hartwig Holtz took over as Secretary and Treasurer.

The KENT Gold Cup was held in February at the East Lamma Channel off Lamma Island with a world-class waterway for the competition. A total of nine teams from China, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Hong Kong participated in the event. Eventually, the Japanese team won the championship over the Philippines team with superb skills, and the Hong Kong team ranked third. Paul Etherington from Hong Kong performed well as he finished in the top five in all races but one and won the team much glory.

Founding President Chris Howard resigned after serving for four years and was succeeded by Mike Horner. Carolyn Hopkins was appointed to take charge of the growing workload and administrative affairs, and Andrew Hunter took over as Secretary and Treasurer.

Choi Lei-keung (蔡利強) won the bronze medal in the Asian Games and gained local windsurfing a concrete recognition. As a result, the government increased subsidies for local athletes to participate in overseas competitions, and we began to send representatives to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other places to compete. Level-two board (round bottom) was introduced to Hong Kong this year, and the instructor training course hosted by Steve Burton nurtured many talented coaches.

We raised donations from all parties and finally purchased the first speedboat, a thirteen-foot Boston Whaler. KENT also sponsored the Open Competition held this year.

We started to lobby the government for a site at Stanley Main Beach for members to store windsurfing equipment. At the same time, some local windsurfers also ventured overseas to compete in Pattaya, Thailand.

Mike Horner took over as Secretary and Treasurer.

The Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong (WAHK) was finally ready, and members agreed to have the President (El Presidente) elected, Mike Horner suggested this name, and he was elected four years later. The first El Presidente was Dr. Chris Howard, and the Secretary was Frenchman Renaud Rivain. At the time, there were only thirty members, and the annual membership fee was HKD$50. With the concerted efforts of everyone, we finally raised enough funds to purchase three buoys and anchors. We did not have our speedboat, therefore members had to set the race course, place buoys and lower anchors with their windsurf board.

At the same time, another group of windsurfing enthusiasts in Sai Kung Sha Ha began to group under the advocacy of Tam Chin-kun (譚千根) and Andy Nisbett, and they often sailed in groups to nearby islands for picnics.

In addition to the above-mentioned impromptu competitions, we also participated in competitions organised by other clubs, namely Stanley Services Boat Club, Tai Po Yacht Club, Gordon Hard Boat Club and Siu Sai Wan Boat Club.

We joined the Hong Kong Sailing Federation as an affiliated club and began to publish member newsletters providing information about competitions, socialising activities, and the latest news on windsurfing sail, boards and other related equipment.

1979 can be regarded as a momentous year in the history of the WAHK. We held the first Hong Kong Open in November, sponsored by Marlboro, Gaastra and Neil Pryde. Apart from financial support, these sponsors also contributed many valuable opinions so that the championships can be successfully completed. A total of thirty athletes participated in this day-and-a-half event. Finally, Bamroong Ruamsap from Thailand won the championship by defeating Willem Blauuw from Hong Kong. Since then, WAHK organises championships every year, and have attracted more and more international athletes to Hong Kong to compete.

Followed by the news reported on major media, water sports gained popularity gradually. Windsurfing bases were then developed in Cheung Chau and Tolo Harbour, Tai Po.