Windsufing Association of
Hong Kong, China

National Judges Scheme

Following the setting up of the National Judges scheme by Hong Kong Sailing Federation, WAHK has decided to provide opportunities for WAHK members who intend to be qualified to join the scheme to obtain the necessary judge experience.
Interested members please forward details of their racing experience and reasons for wishing to become a National Judge to WAHK office by email or fax. Successful candidates would then be assigned to serve as protest committee member in Hong Kong Windsurfing Circuit.

Windsufing Association of
Hong Kong, China

Name List Of WAHK Appointed Judges

Mr. Cheng Man Chau
Mr. Chik Kai Chung, James
Mr. Ho Chung Kam, Robert
Mr. Lam Wing Chung, Daniel
Mr. Lam Yick Leung, Stephen
Mr. Law Chi Wai, Eddie
Mr. Li Wai Lun, Marco
Mr. So Sum Yau, Anson