Voluntary Helpers Recruit

Our Association has always maintained good management thanks to the effort of a group of enthusiastic volunteers. As time goes by the workload is becoming more and more “heavy duty”. The Association can only keep going in top shape with more human resources. It’s marvelous to see the increasing number of races we are holding year after year, but these wouldn’t be superb events without a large pool of voluntary helpers. WE NEED YOUR HELPING HANDS! If you or your friends and family members can help us, please fill in the form and return to WAHK.

Besides, all attendants of Race Management course and Powerboat Rescue course: if you wish to complete the service part in fulfillment of the courses through offering service to the Hong Kong Circuit races and the Hong Kong Open, please kindly fill in the following form accordingly and return to WAHK for arrangement.

The Organizing Committee reserves final right in all allocation and arrangement of work.