The first leg of the Hong Kong Circuit was still held at Tolo. Learning from the experience of holding the event under the breeze barely in August last year, this year the races was held earlier in June 1st and 2nd. On Saturday, that the traditional southwest blowing on Saturday and surprising westerly wind blowing on Sunday really lived up to expectations. Unfortunately there were some youth racers were unable to attend due to their school exams.

Since Southwest wind requires the heat from Uncle Sun, the races of the first day had to be delayed until half past twelve. Wind increased within a few minutes from 1-2 knots to more than 6 knots. Racers who were waiting at the Starting line were happy. The Race Officer seized the opportunity to hold 3 races back to back to test the ability of the racers and the voluntary helpers. Some racers had heat stroke. Some wanted to drink beverage to replenish sugar. Parents on the shore were like ants on the hot pot. They were afraid of that their children were starving, water shortages and their physical fitness could not cope with due to lack of sugar. On the other hand, as the weather was too hot, racers and workers were busy to finish the race. The incentives might be the cold drink and the lunch boxes on the shore……. Racers were finally back to shore at about 3 o’clock to de-rig and enjoy the cold drinks and the solar warned lunch boxes.

On the second day, over 10 knots west wind blew so racers were very excited. Westerly wind blew at the direction from Yeung Chau to the dam. It means that the wind would be strong enough to hold the races near the shore and need not to take time to go out the oil station and Ma Shi Chau. Warning signal was hosted at 10 a.m. sharp. The last start was at 11:19 a.m. It was expected that the event could be completed successfully before 12. But after 20 minutes, the sea suddenly became as clam as a mirror. Those who had not finished had to pump continuously. Some were still hovering at the top mark……

To conclude the event is still considered to be held successfully. Thanks to the event management, all volunteer helpers and the support of the racers. Next leg will be at Tuen Mun but one has to wait until mid-August!

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